Town of Scotia

Perfect weather. Awesome scenery. Attractive architecture. Historic charm. Very well built structures. These are just a few of the attributes of the Town of Scotia. Located in the heart of California Redwood Country, Scotia was developed starting in the 1880’s and has been maintained since then as a true company town. The entire town was developed and constructed by The Pacific Lumber Company. The residences were all constructed and maintained by the company for its employees. Industrial, commercial and community structures were also developed by the company, creating a consistency in historic design.

The Town of Scotia Company, LLC now owns and operates the town while the sawmill is operated by Humboldt Redwood Company. Excellent opportunities for owning property or doing business in Scotia are materializing as the transition from company town to thriving independent community takes place. Here you will find information you’ll need to live in, work in or visit the Town of Scotia.