Scotia Inn Closes – February 1, 2017

Effective February 1, 2017, Scotia Inn and Gallagher’s Irish Pub in Scotia have closed. The closure will be in effect at least temporarily until a new owner and/or management firm can be located. The current management company chose not to renew its lease for operating the historic hotel and the restaurant, located in the Scotia Inn pub.
“We are currently marketing the property for sale,” said Frank Bacik, President of Town of Scotia Company, owner of the Scotia Inn building.  “We hope to locate an experienced Inn manager and restaurateur to either own and/or operate the businesses,” he said.
According to Bacik, the ideal situation would be to find the right person to promote and manage the Scotia Inn, and even better would be to find an individual or group that would purchase the business, and manage it as well.
According to an article in the February 2017 Rio Dell-Scotia News, published by the Rio Dell-Scotia Chamber of Commerce and the Rio Dell Community Resource Center, the partnership that has been managing the Scotia Inn and Gallagher’s Irish Pub in Scotia is dissolving. The article states that the partners of Gallagher’s Irish Pub Inc., President Wes Paden and Vice president Kelly Erben are going separate ways, and that Gallagher’s Irish Pub in Old Town Eureka will not be impacted and will remain open to the public. The same article also says that according to Paden, the pub in Scotia will close for a time, but could reopen as early as March under a new name, and with new offerings. No other details are given.
Family-owned and operated Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant, also located in the Scotia inn Building is currently planning to continue operations, including serving lunch and dinner and open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.
The historic Scotia Inn was built in the 1920s and was originally used as a boarding house for mill workers at The Pacific Lumber Company, as well as a guest hotel. Currently the Scotia Inn has 22 guest rooms open to the public.
Gallagher’s Irish Pub opened in the Scotia Inn in February 2014.