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County Review Process Now Complete.

  • Final Program Environmental Impact Report Certified
  • General Plan Amendment and Rezone Approved
  • Formation of CSD Authorized
  • The Scotia project has now advanced to community elections

Scotia will have its first community elections on August 30, 2011.  These elections will enable Scotia registered voters to confirm formation of an independent Scotia Community Services District. (CSD) and to select five community members to serve as the CSD's first Board of Directors.

The new Board will adopt governing ordinances, set CSD policy and implement the county-approved "Transition Plan" which will guide transfer of community infrastructure and assets worth millions of dollars from the current town owner to the CSD.

In the future, these assets -- including the Historic Winema Theater, the Scotia Museum, Fireman's Park, Carpenters Field and the Scotia Community Forest -- will be managed by and for the Scotia community itself.

For more information please see the links to the left for the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) Resolutions Approving the CSD, CSD Transition Plan, as well as the following materials prepared for the August 30, 2011 elections:  The staff prepared Impartial Analysis of the ballot/election proposal; the CSD Board Candidate's Guide; and the County Elections' Office official Election Calendar for the Scotia CSD Formation.

For even more information, the following project summary provides a brief chronology of the public review processes for this important project, keyed to technical and review documents.

A brief review Chronology follows:

  • This project was commenced long ago, in 2005, by the Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO) – then the owner of the Town of Scotia and the surrounding timberlands. 
  • In 2008 Palco underwent Reorganization. A new entity, Town of Scotia Company, LLC (TOS) has succeeded to all Palco’s Scotia assets, rights and responsibilities. 
  • Since then, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved a Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), a General Plan Amendment, Zone Reclassification, Final Map Subdivision, Planned Development Permit, Designation of the Urban Limit Line, and Establishment of a Community Services District (CSD) for the Town of Scotia (collectively “the Scotia Project”).  See Draft EIR and Final EIR links for technical Addenda.
  • The purpose of the subdivision is to create individual parcels for existing residential and commercial properties and public facilities. 
  • The purpose of the CSD is to transfer the community infrastructure (Winema Community Theatre, Scotia Museum, parks and recreation facilities, etc.) and public utility services (water rights, wastewater plant, fully equipped Fire Department, etc.) currently managed by the landowner to be governed by a community organization. 
  • In 2010, the Humboldt Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) evaluated the Scotia CSD proposal and various alternatives.  LAFCo approved CSD Formation.  (See LAFCo Resolution link.)  A well organized, well funded Transition Plan to implement the Scotia Community Services District has been established.  (See Transition Plan link.)
  • On March 8, 2011 the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors directed the County Registrar and Elections Officer to set an election in Scotia on August 30, 2011.  The purpose of the election is to allow Scotia registered voters to vote to confirm formation of the CSD and to select 5 members of the Scotia community to serve as its first CSD Board of Directors.  (See Impartial Analysis link.)
  • The first ever Scotia special election will be conducted entirely by mail-in ballot.  Any Scotia registered voter residing full time in Scotia can stand as a candidate for the Office of Director.  Directors meet periodically to make CSD policy, while the CSD Manager (an employee of the CSD) and his or her staff of utility operators and others implement that policy.
  • Those wishing to stand as candidate of one of 5 positions as Scotia CSD Director in the August 30, 2011 election must declare their candidacy between May 9 and June 3 and file required paperwork.  (See CSD Candidates Guidance link.)

In the days and weeks ahead we will publish more information here, in the new Scotia Independent (see Scotia Newsletter link) available here, on the Scotia website and in many locations throughout town.  We will also provide presentations at monthly meetings for Scotia residents to keep you informed about the progress toward the election and to share the guidance we receive from the County Elections Office on the candidacy and election process.

Scotia residents are always welcome to stop by, call or email Frank Bacik at the Town of Scotia Legal Affairs offices (on Main Street between Hoby's Market / US Bank) for more information. or call 707-764-4131.

Links to important administrative and public review documents:

Power Point re Scotia Water Issues

Storm Water Monitoring Plan

Draft Environmental Impact Review (Draft EIR)         

Final Environmental Impact Review (Final EIR)

Municipal Service Review (MSR)

Detailed Engineering Analysis (DEA)

Links to technical addenda to Scotia Environmental Impact Report

Appendix A
Combine Zone Designations
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Appendix B
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Appendix C
Scotia History Assessment
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Appendix D
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Appendix E
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Appendix F
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Appendix G

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Appendix H
Sensitive Species
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