When Scotia was a company-owned town, it was a single large parcel of land (approximately 225 acres). To pave the way for private home ownership in Scotia, the community has been subdivided into individual lots, so those who purchase a home will own the property it sits on as well.
Infrastructure upgrades have been and are being made throughout Scotia, such as water and sewer upgrades, new sidewalks, and new storm drains. The Scotia Community Services District is responsible for providing the essential public services.
A variety of services and businesses are available in Scotia, all within a short walk from the front door of new homeowners.
The town is complete with a shopping center including a market and deli and pharmacy, and hardware store (set to close on July 31, 2017), a historic hotel (temporarily closed) Renner fuel station, the Scotia Bluffs Health Center, staffed six days a week, and the Stanwood A. Murphy Elementary School, restaurant, and Catholic church.
Recreational activities are numerous including a redwood grove picnic area, baseball and soccer fields, and a community forest.